And in the middle of chaos… there was you.

As lawyers, it is imperative that we focus on the legalities of every case. However, with spouse visas, the cases are more interesting because it lets us understand the clients on a personal level. Their moving stories on love, companionship, endurance and faith inspire us to work harder to help them to be together.

The UK Spouse visa requirements are detailed and complicated. One of the requirements for a successful application is proof of a genuine and subsisting relationship between the applicant and their sponsor.

But that is easier said than done.

Each relationship, as you might have guessed, is unique. Their inception, their journey, their hurdles and their dreams, define their stories. This is where we come in. While they persevere in their personal struggles, we help them through a tedious visa process.

One of the most interesting cases was that of a British National, aged 48 years who fell in love with out client aged 28 years. They met on the sponsor’s visit to India at a train station where she was having trouble communicating with the locals. She was facing trouble finding her way to her accommodation and language was becoming a huge issue. Our client was a local and offered his help. This was September 2016. She and our client kept in touch and eventually fell in love. Five months later, they registered their marriage and now wanted to apply for a UK spouse visa.

As romantic as their love story was, it was challenging for us. The biggest hurdle was to prove a genuine and subsisting relationship between our client and the sponsor. There were numerous aspects in the case which could attract the ECO’s scepticism toward their application. Factors such as; their meeting each other just over 5 months before the date of application, their significantly different social, religious and cultural practices and also the age gap.

Our job was to make sure that the ECO looks at the application for what it genuinely was without leaving any room for any speculation or doubt. So, we requested the client to source supporting documents that would establish the genuineness of their relationship. This would further help ECO to comprehend their personal journey toward finding each other and building their relationship. We filed the application once we reviewed it and was satisfied that it was airtight.

After a short wait, the client successfully received his visa and currently resides in the UK. Should they contact us for his Spouse visa extension application and they meet the eligibility, they can rest assured that it would be successful.

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