I would like to start by thanking the entire team at SmartMove2UK, especially Falguni, Prabha and Joyce. I went to them when I was at an all-time low in my life, just having received a rejection from the home office and having to live away from my husband within 6 months of us being married.
The way Falguni gave me the confidence and assured me that within few months we could reapply and that, that application would be watertight leaving no room for a rejection again, made me feel much better and gave me some direction to move on in life.
During the course of the application, I was pleasantly surprised when Prabha along with myself dedicated half a day in just arranging my documents (which were a good 7kgs) before the day of Visa application and biometric screening. Honestly, I was expecting them to just guide me with the steps but with this level of involvement I was deeply touched and grateful.
At the end of the entire process I realized that we had actually become friends because the way the team stood by me during these trying times I guess only they knew what I was going through and that’s what got us closer. I could go on and on about the contribution the team at SmartMove2UK have made to my life, but I would just like to end by saying that I have nothing but gratitude for the team and my husband and I will forever be thankful to them. Obviously I would be going back to them for future BRP and leave to remain renewals and hope that you do too without batting an eyelid.
Devlina Dutt
UK Spouse Visa
Mumbai, India
To Falguni, Joyce and the whole team of SmartMove2UK Visas, Its been a pleasure working with you all. I appreciate all your help in providing assistance to me and my husband during our spouse visa application for UK.
Our first application in the month of November was rejected due to ignorant ways of submitting our application. Lack of documents was another reason for our refusal. I was very depressed after this outcome and realized things have to be done in the right manner with proper guidance.
I did a Google search and found the contact details of this firm , I was apprehensive of approaching professionals first because my application was rejected even after approaching one.. I first spoke to Joyce who was so calm and positive during our first phone call conversation, her speech and calmness lured me to approach them.
I then met solicitor Falguni, who admitted and explained that my first application lacked documents that are required for this type of application. After speaking to her for 30 minutes,I knew that my application can be entrusted in her hands, and believe me since then I have not regretted any of my decisions. She was quick enough to make moves regarding my application, scrutinize every details of my case and Joyce helped me make my UK NARIC application .. I thank her dearly for the same. We were ready to bounce back within a month after my visa was rejected and all went well. Changes regarding the spouse visa application from UK gov continuously interrupted my peace of mind but proficient Falguni trusted her abilities and advised not to lose hope. The long 3 month waiting period killed me and I was on the verge of losing hope when Falguni instilled some strength in the situation to hang on for few more days and believe me victory was ours. I and my husband were ecstatic when we had a successful outcome.
Thank you Falguni and team.. God bless you all. Keep up the good work. I walked in their firm as a client but now I am walking out with friends. I strongly recommend smart move 4 visas.. You will not regret your decision.
Mili and Parin
Spouse Visa of Settled person in UK
Mumbai, India
“To SmartMove2UK, First of all I want to say THANK YOU SO MUCH, to Falguni Mam and SmartMove2UK Team for their lots of efforts to get us Visa.
This is second time I am so much happy after Marrying Kea. It’s been long time (more than 3 months) I haven’t seen my lovely, beautiful wife and now soon I am gonna see her (in next 10 days). It’s all because of Falguni Mam and SmartMove2UK Team that I can meet my wife and I can’t wait more to see her. (Well my happiness says that I will need so many supplements) I and Kea love confident and professional work of Falguni Mam and SmartMove2UK Team and we both appreciate that all. These all things and relationship with SmartMove2UK Team gave us so much trust and confidence that we can be together soon.
Prasad Budhale
Spouse Visa of Settled person in UK
Kolhapur, India
I recently needed to apply for a spouse visa for UK and was quite lost not knowing how to go about ensuring that my application would be sufficient. My husband is a British citizen by birth but he has been settled n India for a long time now and he was going back as a student and I was supposed to join him there.
It was a little complicated as you can tell. There was too much at stake for me and I had to give it my best shot! SmartMove2UK helped me understand and evaluate my case. They provided step by step guidance throughout the process and entertained me whenever I had a question or doubt with a smile. With their informed guidance I was able to get my visa in the smoothest way possible. I thank the entire team for being so friendly, understanding and supportive. Most other agencies I had spoken to earlier only confused me and in fact also gave me incorrect information regarding the process. SmartMove2UK is so trustworthy and great to work with, I would recommend it to all my friends. Great job guys and Thank you once again! Special mentions to Prabha, Falguni, Surabhi and Joyce.!
Mrs. Dia Sen
UK Spouse Visa
Mumbai, India
Finally the wait was over when we received my husband’s UK spouse visa without any questions raised by UKBA..
Impeccable professional service from SmartMove company.. they were efficient & extremely well organised firm who made our trauma of filling UK spouse visa a pain free experience.. special thanks to Surabhi & Gleeson who answered our doubts patiently & politely.
We felt SmartMove was always align with the changes in any rules for visas & immigration which is vital to the success of application..
We hope to use their services in future too..
Gurveer Tiwana
UK Spouse Visa
Delhi, India
“From the outset we had heard very good things about Surabhi and Smart Move to UK as a specialist company dealing with what we were looking for, a spouse visa.
Emily, Adelphia’s sister had studied together with Surabhi and suggested how suited she would be in working towards our visa for us.
After our first conversations with Surabhi we could tell how informed she was in this field, and left no stone unturned, going through exactly what she would do for us and outlined quite simply how the process worked and what would be required from us.
After the conversation with Surabhi, we spoke about the options we had been given and were very confident that Smart Move to UK and Surabhi were going to be able to achieve exactly what we needed.
Throughout the process of preparing our visa application, Surabhi and her colleague Saurav worked seamlessly together on our case. Often having conversations with us out of office hours whenever any queries were raised or at unsociable hours due to the UK time difference. All questions and queries were dealt with meticulously and with great ease by them.
When we submitted our application we arranged to meet them at their office in Mumbai to finalise and check through every document to make sure it was all as they suggested.
Whilst waiting for the application to be returned we were kept updated by Surabhi often. We received our application back within the timeframe which was promised by Surabhi, and were delighted with the outcome.
We can’t thank Surabhi and her team enough for the hard work and effort involved in putting our case together with us, keeping us calm and confident along the way, that she would deliver exactly what we wanted.
Adam & Adelphia
UK Spouse Visa
Shillong, India
“When we decided to apply for a spouse dependent visa, we started searching for solicitors online and came across Smartmove2UK. We had read some amazing reviews about them so we decided to get their assistance with our application.
We were recently granted our Spouse Dependent visa and given that our application was slightly complicated, we are so thankful to Smartmove2UK for all their help in making this possible. The representatives – Saurav, Sisira, Falguni Ma’am were all really helpful and they all made our application process very simple.
We used to have a number of questions about the application every now and then and Saurav would patiently answer each of those questions. We knew we could trust them and they did exactly what we expected them to do. They do put in a lot of effort and deal with every case on a personal basis which is definitely really helpful. Just knowing that whenever we have a doubt, we could just call up their representatives and they would do their best to figure out the best possible solution for the same did keep our stress level really low during the whole application process.
Thanks a lot Saurav, Sisira and Falguni Ma’am for your dedication and assistance throughout the process!!”
Mrs. Hira Shamim
UK Spouse Visa
Gurgaon, India
When i came to Mumbai to consult, i was very scared. But when i came to SmartMove i knew everything will be fine. I had met Ms. Falguni before once and i knew i had to come to her again for my visa.
She also spoke to my parents and she made them understand the entire process. In January 2018 my refusal was overturned and it has been going smooth since. In March i gave my passport to the VFS for stamping and in May i received the visa. Thanks a lot to Ms. Falguni, Prabha and Drishti you have made the difficulty for my visa process easier and ever since i started my process with you it has been going smoothly. You have been with me since the beginning and i hope you will always support me.
Anshu Bhimte (Shona aisha)
UK Spouse Visa
Delhi, India